Predictive Maintenance Conference 2022 

The annual Predictive Aircraft Maintenance Conference (delivered by Real Response Media) explores all of the possibilities around predictive aircraft maintenance technologies demonstrating how the industry can use the massive amount of data generated by new generation aircraft on each flight to enhance operational performance, safety and profitability for airlines and MRO’s.

Case studies will highlight best practices and how leading companies such as Lufthansa Technik, Rusada, Air France KLM, GE Aviation, Bollore’ Logistics, and more are successfully collaborating with industry partners.

Panel discussions will explore major topics from the perspective of all stakeholders to enable those attending the event to learn the best practices and current trends affecting them and to overcome the challenges currently faced in the aviation sector such as sustainability, profitability and more.


Reasons to attend

Discover how to get the best out of predictive maintenance.

Find out how to successfully collaborate with industry partners.

Learn how to use predictive maintenance to become more efficient and generate cost savings.

Who should attend this event?

CEO/Vice-President/Head/Director/Manager/Specialist of:

  • Predictive Maintenance/Big Data/Maintenance Operations/Operations Transformation/Maintenance Design/Engineering and Innovation/Product Innovation/Fleet Technical/Fleet Management/Materials/ Procurement/Logistics/Supply chain/AOG
Conference Notes

Airlines Attending


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Predictive Maintenance Conference 2022