Craig Lynch, head of predictive maintenance at easyJet:

“It was great to represent easyJet at the Predictive Aircraft Maintenance Conference 2022. Events like this are invaluable to connect like-minded visionaries to share experiences and ideas. Each member of the organisation team was incredibly efficient, professional and enthusiastic.

Jim Berryman, Aerospace & Defence Director – Bolloré Logistics

“Predictive Aircraft Maintenance 2022 was an excellent conference; very well managed with thought provoking sessions including industry leaders and expert speakers on this subject. This was a launch event and I can only hope it will become an annual event. The mixture of networking opportunities and conference topics encouraged interaction between all participants, which was vindicated by the quality of questions that came from the floor, and which were expertly answered. A future subject that will only enhance and secure the way forward, meeting the demands of service, sustainability, cost and maintains a continued innovative progression for our industry.”