November 15-16th 2022

Venue : Pan Pacific Hotel, London, United Kingom


Conference Summary

This annual conference (delivered for the first time by RRM) explores the possibilities around predictive aircraft maintenance technologies and how the industry can use the massive amount of data generated by new generation aircraft on each flight to improve operational performance, safety and profitability.

Attendees will discover how to get the best out of predictive maintenance while overcoming the greatest challenges. Case studies will highlight best practices and how companies are successfully collaborating with industry partners, while panel discussions will explore the major topics from the perspective of all stakeholders.


Day 1 – November 15th

Drinks reception and welcome, an opportunity to network and engage with peers and experts.


Day 2  – November 16th


Session 1 overview of where predictive aircraft maintenance is, and the impact of Covid-19

An introduction and overview of predictive aircraft maintenance.


Session 2overview of predictive aircraft maintenance in action

Insights into how current predictive maintenance programmes have worked until now, how various partners have collaborated successfully, and what the future holds.


Session 3How to choose the best software to get the best experience

How can airlines and lessors navigate the many options available to them, and how should they choose which predictive maintenance platform to use?



Session 4Discussion panel

Featuring representatives from manufacturers, MROs, airlines, lessors and IT companies. They will discuss how Covid-19 has affected predictive maintenance, emerging technologies, sharing data and industry collaboration, how they are using predictive maintenance, and managing aircraft fleets.


Closing discussionwhat is the future for predictive aircraft maintenance?

Review and discussion of key conference themes, and a look at what this means for next steps and the future.